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Shadow cast across The International Bomber Command Centre (IBCC) which commemorates the British, Commonwealth and other nations' aircrew of RAF Bomber Command who lost their lives in the Second World War.
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People always ask – what is leadership and can it be taught? There are literally thousands of books on this topic, yet why do we still continue to ask this question?  Is it because there are so many combinations of experience, strategy and personal characteristics that enable people to succeed as a leader?  Is it because we can’t decide whether success is natural or nurtured?  Is it because it doesn’t matter whether a leader is charismatic or toxic?  Is it an area that is continually evolving?


We encourage research that reflects on the fundamental elements of military leadership, the process of leadership, types of leaders, the dynamic personal interactions between leader and followers, and the individual and organizational values that foster effective military leadership.


In particular, we are interested in: how role models, both positive and negative, can have an influential development experience on careers and how such leadership can make or break a team; the opportunity to learn lessons from managerial short comings that curtailed or caused operations to fail; and personal experiences of leading combat situations. 


This is the place to share your opinions on the latest techniques in military leadership.


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