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More and more we rely on reviews. Whilst an endorsement is not a review, it's similar enough and the idea is simple. We are more likely to buy something based on a review.

We ourselves are stories! Until I started thinking about what stories are and how to tell you what they are, it never even crossed my mind that we are ourselves are stories.

What is important is that military writing lends itself to short anecdotes – especially those that are amusing or about a real incident or person.

There are a few of things to keep in mind when writing and, if you can’t keep them in mind when writing, keep them in mind when editing.

There are three purposes to writing: inform, entertain and persuade.

1. Good stories show the reader a scene in time with description....

What on earth is an avatar?

You’ve no doubt seen the film: an avatar is an icon or figure representing a particular person.  In the film it’s a hybrid human-alien created to facilitate communication with the indigenous Na’vis from the plant Pandora.

So what’s that got to...

Just like with all writing, you need to be aware of your audience.

After listening, speaking and reading, we write.  It’s the fourth skill we learn and the good news is that we’ve already learnt how to do it.

To write clearly, it’s essential to understand...


That’s very easy to solve: you just start reading.


Turn off the TV, hide your smart phone and disconnect your social media apps just for a while, you don’t have to completely go cold turkey. 


Reading and writing are completely related.  Without one the other cannot ex...

 Stories are an intrinsic part of our societies and culture, but what do we know about them?


Nobody knows when the first story was told but we all suspect it was in a cave by some primitive hunter. 


What we do know is that those storytellers who were good at retelling...

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The Coronavirus is having a direct and growing effect on all of us, both in our business and in our personal lives.  Like many around the world, the companies that we work with have been planning their response to this.  We are very grateful that this planning allows us to continue with our business during this uniquely challenging time.  


Given that we do not operate from a central office, there has been no disruption to our working environment and we continue to work as usual on a number of exciting new projects for publication in 2020/21.  

The Ingram Content Group, both our printer and distributor, has already implemented a number of steps to ensure that they protect their people, customers and business.  They are fortunate to be able to ship out of a number of large facilities around the world and where one has to shut down, they will transfer orders to another.  Their market leading service has a unique role to play in their ability to support rapid, single copy order fulfilment to reduce book travel and handling.


Finally, many of our books are available in electronic format either via Ingram direct or via Amazon which will allow your education and business to continue uninterrupted.

Remain safe.

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