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Why Publish with Us

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Specialist military publisher

We make it our business to fully understand your field and your specific target audiences.


Completely independent

This means that we are a privately-owned company with complete control over our publishing process and marketing strategy which underpins our policy of a bespoke author experience.  As we are financed independently we invest directly in your success. 

Tightly focused publishing list

Publishers often classify books into ‘key titles’ and ‘everything else’ and devote their time and marketing budget accordingly.  This doesn’t happen at Howgate Publishing.

Concentration of expertise

As an author, you should feel that every book is being dealt with by someone with the appropriate expertise and experience.  As such, we have hand picked our team to ensure you have experienced support at every level.

Ability to nurture your story

We strongly believe that you and your book are unique and that success lies in a strong author-publisher relationship.  For authors both new and established, we guide you through our simple publishing process and work hard to build an enduring relationship.

Adding value to your work

Entrusting us with your research is a privilege so as standard we incorporate a thorough peer review process and a proofread.

Quality over quantity

We are committed to publishing the best books available on military-orientated topics.  We have also invested a considerable amount of time in sourcing the best cover designers, production teams and printing companies.  We know that you will rely on us having a solid reputation.

Intelligent marketing

Can be summed up in one word: relevance.  All of our marketing is customized and targeted based on our extensive knowledge of the military.  We work closely with individual authors to ensure we reach your relevant audience.

Real competitive advantage

You may only need this one reason to publish with us.  We are able to publish top quality books, specifically marketed to your target audience, in paperback and with a price tag suited to your market.

Be part of this new publishing culture

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