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Kirstin Howgate
Publisher and Director

After finishing a Masters degree in politics at the University of Essex, Kirstin started her career in publishing. She worked on management reference books before establishing herself as the commissioning editor for politics at Ashgate Publishing.  During her time at Ashgate, Kirstin frequently lived in the USA, France and Germany as part of her strategy to internationalise the politics publishing list.  She went on to a senior management role as Publisher for politics and international relations, managing a team of editors and further specialising in military and war books.  With two decades of publishing experience, and having managed well over 1,000 books, Kirstin is responsible for the development of our forward publishing programme.

Janet MacMillan

Following 20 years of law practice, Janet has over a decade of editorial experience, during which she has edited or proofread over 300 books and journals plus articles, commentaries, reviews, reports and dissertations for academics, researchers, students and practitioners.  With extensive experience of working with a variety of authors, from those who merely wish to have a professional eye cast over their writing to authors for whom English is not their first language, Janet offers our authors a specialist editing service.

Kathryn Mahoney

Having worked for many years in marketing operations, Kate's clients have included high-end automotive companies, amongst which McLaren, to large telecoms companies, global medical publishing houses and most recently the independent provider of private medical heathcare,BMI.  Kate brings to our authors a vast experience of bespoke sector marketing and is responsible for our specialist military marketing and sales promotion.

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Important Announcement


The companies that we work with continue to plan their response to the Coronavirus.  We are very grateful that this planning has allowed us to continue with our business during this uniquely challenging time. 


Given that we do not operate from a central office, there has been no disruption to our working environment and we continue to work as usual on a number of exciting new projects for publication in 2020/21.  

The Ingram Content Group, both our printer and distributor, are fortunate to be able to ship out of a number of large facilities around the world and where one has to shut down, they will transfer orders to another.  Their market leading service has a unique role to play in their ability to support rapid, single copy order fulfilment to reduce book travel and handling.


Finally, many of our books are available in electronic format either via Ingram direct or via Amazon which will allow your education and business to continue uninterrupted.

As the British Prime Minister said recently, 'Tis the season to be jolly but also the season to be jolly careful'.


          Happy Holidays everyone

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