About us

Established in 2015, we specialise in contemporary military science books.

Our books are designed to study military processes, institutions and behaviour as they relate to the study of warfare, the theory and the application of force. 


Our mission

To re-vitalise professional interest.  Encourage more sharing of experiences and narratives. Highlight the importance of reading, reflecting, discussing and writing about the problem of war and warfare to better understand and adapt not just to the changes, but the continuities. Develop more collaboration between the military, academia and associated actors. Expand professional competencies and the intellectual edge of those involved in defence.


Our philosophy

  • Know your area of expertise well.

  • Establish a truly collaborative approach to enhance author-publisher relationships.

  • Publishing an author’s work is a privilege; therefore we continually strive to add value to the research entrusted to.

  • Be exceptional in everything we do.

  • Approach marketing in an intelligently creative way.

  • Always publish the best; authors and readers rely on a solid reputation.


Our authors and audience

Include serving and ex-serving from all ranks, all services and all nations, diplomatic, law enforcement, political scientists, international relations and regional specialists, strategic studies experts, scientists, journalists, defence departments, government staff, policymakers, lobby groups and those working with and in military environments.


We are listeners, questioners and collaborative problem-solvers.  We are passionate advocates of military studies, committed to producing quality over quantity and, without distraction, completely focused on our authors and readers.  

At Howgate Publishing we think it’s important to enjoy the publishing journey.