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About Us.

A series of events sparked our company’s inception, and that narrative still drives our mission today.   Back in 1997, our director started work for a publishing company based in Aldershot, UK.  As she arrived in Aldershot, she passed a sign that said, ‘Home of the British Army’ and some 10 years later she met and married a British Army Officer.  That officer she often refers to as her ‘case study’.  

This unique blend of book publishing and military observation led to the launch of Howgate Publishing.  Thousands of books are published every year that customers buy and add to their book collections but when it comes to the military, they are most often ABOUT the military and not FOR the military.  These books are not relevant, wasteful to the environment and do not relieve pain points.  Authors of books for the military often find it difficult to publish finding traditional routes mercenary, hard and unfriendly (direct quote from one of our authors!).  There was a need for a disruptor, enter Howgate.

We are a small company with a big ambition to find a solution to both of these conflicts.  Our mission is to inspire and nurture today’s military storytellers, safeguard stories that might otherwise be lost, and make them available to those that need them. Like the military, we believe strongly in values and virtues and our journey to success is a shared one.  We are listeners, questioners, and collaborative problem-solvers, we know our expertise well, we always publish the best; our authors and readers rely on a solid reputation, and we always understand that publishing an author’s work is a privilege; therefore we continually strive to add value to your research, we are vigorous promoters and advocates of our author’s work, and we endeavour to be exceptional at everything we do.

Our vision is simple: to positively impact the way we collectively think about war and warfare, to provide a specific resource and expertise for authors and readers, to be the ‘go-to’ place for military thought.

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