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Information Operations: Facts  Fakes  Conspiracists

**awaiting clearance from the Ministry of Defence**


Foreword by H.R. McMaster, Former US National Security Advisor


We all live in an information rich environment. It is congested, complex and highly competitive. Its mastery, if such a thing is possible, is becoming central to military operations. But the West has been slow to adapt; ISIS, AQ, Russia, Iran, China - all have recognised and resourced information to grow support, demonise their opponents and sow seeds of distrust in western democracies. And those same democracies have become imperilled from within by the manipulation and faking of information to distort and deceive.Steve Tatham spent nearly 25 years as an Information and Psychological Operations Officer. From southern Afghanistan to eastern Europe. From West Africa to Somalia and across the recruiting grounds of ISIS and AQ he has seen, and in many instances, run Information Operations. He provides an insider’s view of the truth and mythology of Information Operations and with his unique access across the global community he provides a very different perspective to one of the biggest international news stories of the decade - Cambridge Analytica, Trump and the BREXIT referendum. Like so much in Information Operations, all is not what it seemed.


'This book captures how information shapes - even dictates - events and outcomes. The masters of managing the information that reaches us in all sorts of ways, and Steve Tatham is a master of over 25 years’ experience, take the rest of us where they want us to go, in peace and in war.'

General Sir Richard Barrons KCB CBE, Former Commander Joint Forces Command


'For the first time one of the western world’s most experienced practitioners takes us inside the world of the ‘information operators’, practitioners of the most misunderstood and the most effective form of modern warfare, used by friend and enemy alike.'

Frank Ledwidge, Author Losing Small Wars


'Steve Tatham is THE essential voice on info ops. Decades of experience make him the UK's most experienced practitioner and theorist. If you want to know about information operations read this book.'

Dr Mike Martin, Author Why We Fight


c.224 pages I Size: 234 x 156mm

Publication date: c. October 2023

Information Operations: Facts Fakes Conspiracists

  • Foreword by H.R. McMaster



    Chapter 1: What are Information Operations?

    Chapter 2: From Eunachs to the Archers: Britain and IO

    Chapter 3: The USA - Bigger and Better?

    Chapter 4: Iraq and Afghanistan

    Chapter 5: Understanding Audiences

    Chapter 6: Past IO Campaigns

    Chapter 7: Russia and Ukraine

    Chapter 8: Iran, North Korea and China

    Chapter 9: It’s All About Psychology

    Chapter 10: Conspiracy Theories and Useful Idiots

    Chapter 11: The Cambridge Analytica IO Conspiracy

    Chapter 12: The Future?

    Chapter 13: Conclusions

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