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Military Justice Handbook

★★★★★ This book sits by my desk and travels in my bag to court. Lewis Cherry, The Law Society Gazette


★★★★★Anyone working for those in the military employment will find this to be a very clear and up-to-date guide…

Jeremy Taylor, The Law Society Gazette


The second edition of the Military Justice Handbook represents a significant expansion on the first. Covering every aspect of the Service Justice System (SJS) in the United Kingdom, this book is designed as a ‘road map’ sufficiently detailed to qualify as a ‘go to’ guide, as the law and relevant policy of the SJS is complex and often difficult to find. Practitioners can now turn to the Handbook for guidance on any Service Justice topic. The book includes Summary Hearing, Administrative Action, as well as the Summary Appeal Court, and of course, the Court Martial, and an explanation of the appeal avenues open. The civilian and military legal practitioner (or indeed Service person) must understand this dynamic in order to fully appreciate how the system works holistically. Drafted with a non-legal audience in mind, no single publication brings together law, policy and (importantly) the nuances of the Service Justice System like this book. Readers are informed of the subsequent consequences on them or their client where they are subject to service discipline. Designed especially for military lawyers of all armed Services, civil servants working within the Service Justice System, commanding officers, unit discipline staffs and civilian legal practitioners advising Service personnel involved with Court Martial advocacy, Service Complaints, inquiries or administrative action.


The Military Justice Handbook is THE essential text for anyone involved in the Service Justice System. I obtained my copy of the First Edition before my first ever military case and it has been my constant companion ever since. The Handbook serves as a primer for those new to the field and a reference point for seasoned practitioners. The Second Edition’s expanded content means no other book on the subject can match it for breadth and depth. It is simply the leader in the field and should be on the desk of every military law practitioner and commanding officer.

Matthew Bolt, Barrister, Middle Temple


The first edition of the Military Justice Handbook has deservedly become the practitioner’s de facto guide to UK Service law.  The second edition stands on the shoulders of that giant.  To many - if not most -  practitioners, a veil of mystery shrouds much of military life.  It need not be so.  The Military Justice Handbook pierces the veil and provides a comprehensive summary of the law, complemented by the views of one of the most highly respected military lawyers of his generation.  Of as much value to the seasoned military lawyer as it is to the aspirant, it would be foolhardy indeed for any lawyer or officer involved in the UK Service Justice System to be unfamiliar with the second edition.

Wing Commander Allan R M Steele WS RAF (Retd), Principal Solicitor, ARMS Legal Services WS


As someone now merely an occasional practitioner within the Service Justice system I find this volume indispensable even though I spent thirty plus years as a practitioner within it. Excellent as a refresh or indeed first principal source for anyone embarking on trial by court martial as an advocate on whichever side. I have kept the first volume at my elbow and the same will apply to this one. Lucid, useful, and illuminating by turns it will be of particular use to the junior practitioner initially unaccustomed to the peculiarities of this trial arena.

Brigadier (Retd) Neil Jones LLB MA, Barrister, New Park Court Chambers


820 Pages  I  Size: 234 x 156mm  I  Publication:  26th March 2021

Paperback ISBN: 978 1 912440 23 8

Military Justice Handbook

  • Case Law; Statutory References; List of Tables and Figures; Foreword by Peter Glenser QC; Preface; List of Abbreviations and Glossary; Introduction; Chapter 1 History; Chapter 2 Jurisdiction; Chapter 3 The Disciplinary System in Overview; Chapter 4 Chain of Command; Chapter 5 Arrest; Chapter 6 Investigation; Chapter 7 Commonly Used Service Offences; Chapter 8 Administrative Action By CO; Chapter 9 Summary Hearing; Chapter 10 Legal Aid; Chapter 11 Fitness To Stand Trial; Chapter 12 Pre-Court Martial Process; Chapter 13 Trial by Court Martial; Chapter 14 Sentences Available to the Court Martial; Chapter 15 Civilians in the Service Disciplinary System; Chapter 16 Appeals; Chapter 17 Young Offenders; Chapter 18 Victims of and Witnesses to Crime; Chapter 19 Other Important Provisions; Chapter 20 Service Inquiries and Coroners Inquests; Appendices; Index.

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