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War Without Oversight

This book digs into the manifest complexity involved in fielding a weapon that can operate without human oversight while still retaining value as a battlefield asset. The book’s aim is to shine a light on the practical and technical feasibility of removing supervision from lethal engagements. The subject’s importance is that several well-tried concepts that have long comprised battlecraft may no longer be fit for purpose.


Publication date:  c.September 2024

hardback: 9781912440580

paperback: 9781912440597

EPUB: 9781912440634

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War Without Oversight

  • Introduction

    2. Context: The role of context in the removal of weapon supervision

    3. Drivers: Factors accelerating the removal of weapon supervision

    4. Deployment: Models for the removal of weapon supervision

    5. Obstacles: General challenges to the removal of weapons supervision

    6. Wetware: Design challenges to AWS function

    7. Firmware: Embedded process challenges to AWS function

    8. Software: Coding challenges to AWS function

    9. Hardware: Build challenges to AWS function

    10. Oversight: Command and control constraints to AWS deployment

    11. Conclusion

    12. Appendix One: Case Study on Automatic Target Recognition

    13. Appendix Two: A passing thought on the issue of AWS singularity

    14. Selected Bibliography

  • Former 5th Royal Inniskilling Dragoon Guards, Dr Paddy Walker is Managing Director of the Leon Group, a senior research Fellow in Modern War Studies at The University of Buckingham, an Associate Fellow at RUSI and previously London chair of NGO Human Rights Watch. Paddy is a board member of NGO Article 36 and a regular commentator on the requirement for meaningful human control across lethal engagements.

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