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     Sandhurst Trends in International      Conflict Series Symposium Programme

2018: Fragile States: Challenges and Responses

                                 WEDNESDAY 7th FEBRUARY 2018                                                      Royal Military Academy Sandhurst


0900-1000: Keynote Address


Prof David Chandler

University of Westminster

Challenges of State-building and State-consolidation in the Contemporary World

1015-1130: Panel One - Key Challenges

Dr Jan Pospisil

University of Edinburgh

Building States to Build Peace Revisited: Empirical Insights from Peace Negotiations in Fragile States

Jacob Thomas-Llewellyn

Centre for Army Leadership, RMAS

Why do International Approaches to Fragile, Failing and Failed States Remain Selective?

Chair: Dr An Jacobs (Defence and International Affairs, RMAS)

   1130-1200: Tea/coffee break


1200-1315: Panel Two - Challenges and Responses


Dr Jonathan Fisher

University of Birmingham

Somalia and its Neighbours: AMISOM and the Regional Construction of a Failed State

Maj Franky Matisek

US Air Force/Northwestern University, Illinois

The Rise of Strong Militaries in Africa: Defying the Odds?

Islam Goher

Cairo University/City College New York

Foreign Interventions and the Process of State Failure: Libyan Case Study 2011


Chair: Sean McKnight, Director of Studies, RMAS

   1315-1415: Lunch


1415-1530: Panel Three - Practitioners' Perspectives


Josie Stewart

Governance Adviser, Department for International Development

Building Stability - the DfID Perspective

Maj Alex Davis

HQ Specialised Infantry Group, 1st (UK) Division

Upstream Capacity Building - a Military Perspective

Lt Col Grant Davies

Army Legal Service

Failed States, the Erosion of the Rule of Law and the Consequences for Assisting States

Chair: Lt Col Jane Hunter, SO1 Education, RMAS

    1530-1600: Tea/coffee break

1600-1715: Panel Four - Statebuilding and External Interventions


Vanessa Meier

University of Oxford

For Better or Worse?  Third-Party Intervention and Patterns of Civilian Victimisation in Civil Conflicts

Dr Vladimir Rauta

Staffordshire University

Pre-emptive Proxy Wars as Key to State Survival

Emily Knowles and Abigail Watson

Remote Control Project, Oxford Research Group

The Successes and Failures of a 'Fragile States = Safe Havens' Approach to Countering Terrorist Networks

Chair: Sr Aelius Parchami, Defence and International Affairs, RMAS


1715-1730: Future Developments in the Sandhurst Trends Series

Kirstin Howgate, Howgate Publishing Ltd.

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