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Images have been reproduced on this site courtesy of:

Image 1: Soldier with 5 Rifles on patrol in Afghanistan © Crown copyright 2014 photo/ Cpl Daniel Wiepen

Image 2a: U.S. Army M1A2 Abrams main battle tank assigned to the Minnesota National Guard races through a breach in a barbed wire obstacle during the 116th eXportable Combat Training Exercise at the Orchard Combat Training Center, Idaho © US Department of Defense 2014 photo/ Sgt. Leon Cook

Image 2b: HMS Northumberland at sea with Bahraini vessels during IMCMEX 14 © Crown copyright 2014 photo/ LA(Phot) Des Wade

Image 3: Credit tbc.

Image 4: Reaper Remotely Piloted Air System © Crown copyright 2014 photo/ Sgt. Ross Tilly (RAF)

Image 5: ANA Soldier Practicing CIED Techniques in Afghanistan © Crown copyright 2012 photo/ Cpl. Paul Morrison RLC

Image 5a: Afghan National Army Soldiers Search Roadway for IEDs © Crown copyright 2012 photo/ Sgt. Rupert Frere RLC

Image 6: Credit tbc.

Image 7: Royal Netherlands Marines move a role-playing captured insurgent during an urban training exercise involving U.S. Marines and Royal Marines at Camp Lejeune, N.C. © US Department of Defense 2016 photo/ Marine Corps photo by Cpl. Christopher A. Mendoza

Image 8: Army Cadets on Parade at RMAS Sandhurst © Crown copyright 2013 photo/ Michael Smith MoD

Image 9: U.S. Marine Cpl. Samuel Masse demonstrates mechanical advantage control holds technique on Cpl. Adrian Davis during the Non-Lethal Executive Seminar (NOLES) © US Department of Defense 2016 photo / Cpl. Jonathan E. LopezCruet

Image 10: Argentinian and British Soldiers Working together © Crown Copyright 2013 / Cpl. Steve Blake RLC

Image 11: 5 SCOTS Soldier Briefs Afghan National Policemen Prior to Operation  © Crown Copyright 2010 / Sgt. Rupert Frere RLC

Image 12: Army Reservist Training Ugandan Soldiers © Crown Copyright 2014 / Cpl. Daniel Wiepen RLC

Image 13: World Map of Weak States Copyright 2017 The Brookings Institution


MoD/Crown Copyright:

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