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     Sandhurst Trends in International      Conflict Series Symposium Programme

2017: War Amongst the People: A Critical Assessment

                                 FRIDAY 30th JUNE 2017

                     Royal Military Academy Sandhurst


    0830-0900: Arrival & tea/coffee

0900-0905: Introduction & Welcome

Brigadier Bill Wright

Deputy Commandant, RMAS


0905-1000: Opening Keynote Address:


Prof Beatrice Heuser

University of Reading

What is War?

Chair: Dr Norma Rossi, Defence & International Affairs, RMAS

1000-1100: Panel One: Conceptual Debates & Critiques

Lt Col Jyri Raitasalo

Finnish Ministry of Defence/Finnish National Defence University

'War amongst the people’: should we take it seriously?


Mr Alex Waterman

University of Leeds

Managing war amongst peoples

Maj Ian Wilson

Royal Regiment of Scotland

Factors influencing British public opinion in times of war

Chair: Maj Gen (ret) Andrew Sharpe/Col Martin Todd, Centre for Historical Analysis and Conflict Research


   1100-1130: Tea/coffee break


1130-1230: Panel Two: Practical Challenges


Ms Whitney Grespin

King’s College London/US Army War College

US sponsorship of contractor-delivered foreign internal defence and partner capacity-building efforts

Dr Vladimir Rauta

University of Portsmouth

The strategic value of interacting with proxies and auxiliaries in contemporary war

Dr Georgina Holmes

University of Reading

Enhancing operational effectiveness: pre-deployment training for tactical-level female military peacekeepers

Chair: Mr Sean McKnight, Director of Studies, RMAS


   1230-1330: Lunch


1330-1430: Panel Three: Legal Aspects


Dr Andree-Anne Melancon

Defence and International Affairs, RMAS

'Redefining the 'Combatant': Just War Theory and Direct Participation

Lt Col Martin Gliniecki

Defence Equipment and Support

How can moral lessons from insurgency help to discern discrimination in modern asymmetric conflict?

Lt Col Grant Davies

Army Legal Service

Detention within non-international armed conflict

Chair: Dr Martin Smith, Defence and International Affairs, RMAS


1430-1530: Panel Four: Policy and Operational Practice


Lt Col James Chandler

77 Brigade

The British Army's Current Approach to Influence Operations

Maj John Bailey

Land Warfare Development Centre

The British Army's Human Security Doctrine and Tactics for Stability Operations

Discussant: Dr Ziya Meral

Centre for Historical Analysis and Conflict Research, RMAS

Chair: Dr David Brown, Defence and International Affairs, RMAS


1530-1540: Closing Remarks

Ms Kirstin Howgate

Howgate Publishing

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