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Sandhurst Leadership Series

Edited by

Dr Deborah Goodwin OBE, Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and Richard Iron CMG OBE.

Areas of Interest
  • Fundamental Elements of Military Leadership

  • The Process of Leadership

  • Types of Leaders

  • The Dynamic Personal Interactions Between Leaders and Followers

  • The Individual and Organizational Values that Foster Effective Military Leadership

  • Commanders in War from Platoon to Battalion

Internationally renowned for instilling the character and qualities necessary to provide leadership, there is no better place than the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst for a series of books on military leadership, nor a better time.  Within ever complex security and human environments, leadership is increasingly diverse and (never been more) challenging.  With The Army Leadership Code firmly in mind, the series explores the importance of personal and professional values and standards, leadership contexts, and translating knowledge into desired leadership behaviours.  Uniquely, this series draws on academic leadership theory and blends this with empirical evidence to illustrate its effectiveness.


The series invites contributions from academics, and informed others across the civilian sector and the Army from all ranks and cap badges, to provide a theoretical and reflective understanding of aspects of British military leadership, how it has developed and how it relates to more general theories of leadership and decision-making.  To give support and clarity to the academic content, the series also invites serving and recently serving military professionals to capture their experiences and insights into the leadership of planning, preparing, fighting and supporting the UK’s recent conflicts. The intention is that the practical and academic strands will be complimentary and, together, create a comprehensive understanding of military leadership that currently does not exist in any other leadership literature.

We are currently looking for contributions to the leadership debate.  If you are interested in getting involved, please contact us via the link below.


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