Sandhurst Trends in International      Conflict Series Symposium Programme

3: Violent Non-State Actors in Modern Conflict

                                 THURSDAY 15th NOVEMBER 2018                                                      Royal Military Academy Sandhurst


0900-0930 Arrival & Registration


0930-0935 Welcome & Introduction

Brigadier Bill Wright (Commander Sandhurst Group)


0935-1500: Keynote Address

Professor Mary Kaldor (The London School of Economics & Political Science)

What are Non-State Actors?

Chair: Dr Malte Riemann (Defence & International Affairs RMAS)


1050-1115 Tea/Coffee break


1115-1230 PANEL ONE - International Norms and VNSAs


Professor Dominik Zaum (University of Reading)

Getting Away with Murder?  Government Violence in State- and Peacebuilding Contexts.


Jack Watling (Royal United Services Institute)

Morals Matter: How Non-State Actors Write Their Own Laws of War.


Helene Olsen (King's College London)

Who Gets to Fight? The De-legitimisation of Non-State Actors and the Search for the Ideal Polity.


Dr Christopher Kinsey (King's College London)

Challenging the Strength of the Anti-mercenary Norm.


Chair: Dr Andree-Anne Melancon (Defence & International Affairs RMAS)


1230-1330 Lunch


1330-1445 PANEL TWO - VSNAs, Criminal Governance & State Sovereignty


Dr James Worrall & Dr Alex Waterman (University of Leeds)

Taxonomies of Rebel Governance: An Approach to Studying Shapes of Rule by Violent Non-State Actors During Conflict.


Dr Helle Malmvig (Danish Institute of International Studies)

Syrian Mosiacs: How Armed Non-State Actors Challenge, Re-affirm, and Perform the State.


Zoi Vardanika (University of Reading)

State and Non-State Actor Interactions in Modern Security: A Case Study on the Andean Drug 'Wars'.


James Fargher (King's College London)

Non-State Actors in the Yemeni Civil War: The Houthi Rebellion, Maritime Security and the Redrawing of the Strategic Map.


Chair: Lt Col. Jane Hunter (SO1 Intellectual Development RMAS)


1445-1500 Tea/Coffee break


1500-1615 PANEL THREE - Allies or Adversaries?: VNSAs in Modern Conflict


Abigail Watson (Remote Warfare Programme Oxford Research Group)

Uneasy Alliances: The Political Consequences of Arming Non-State Groups in Counter-Terrorism Campaigns.


Dr Andrew Mumford (University of Nottingham)

Non-State Actors as Proxy War-Wagers.


Marina Miron (University of New South Wales / Australian Defence Force Academy)

Learning From the Russians in Syria: A Comparative Examination of Russian and US Military Strategic Approaches in Syria and Their Co-option of Violent Non-State Actors.


Dr Joana Cook and Gina Vale (King's College London)

From Daesh to 'Diaspora': Tracing the Women and Minors of Islamic State.


Chair: Dr Aaron Edwards (Defence & International Affairs RMAS)


1615-1630 Tea/Coffee break


1630-1715 PANEL FOUR - Practitioners Roundtable

Brigadier Darren Stewart - Head of Operational Law, Army Headquarters

Colonel Mike Cornwall - Assistant Head (Warfare) Land Warfare Centre

Julien Bastrup-Birk - UK Stabilisation Unit


Chair: Dr Norma Rossi (Defence & International Affairs RMAS)

1715 Future Developments in the Sandhurst Trends in International Conflict series

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