Sandhurst Trends in International      Conflict Series Symposium Programme

         Great Power Competition and the Return of Inter-state Conflict?

                                 Wednesday 4th March, 2020                                                               Royal Military Academy Sandhurst


0830-0900: Arrival, registration and tea/coffee


0900: Welcome & introduction - Brig James Carr-Smith (Commander Sandhurst Group)


0915-1030: Panel 1 - Conceptualising Contemporary Power Distribution from Multi-dimensional Perspectives (Chair: David Brown, DIA RMAS)


  • David Blagden, University of Exeter - Is Unipolarity Finished Yet? Four Approaches to the Measurement and Management of Power Shifts

  • Kevin Blachford, Baltic Defence College - Historical Narratives and Great Power Competition

  • Alex Finnen, Foreign & Commonwealth Office/Oxford Brookes University - Does the term ‘Great Power’ have any relevance in the Twenty-first Century?

      [Paper to be presented by Richard Warnes]

  • Anisa Heritage & Pak K Lee, DIA RMAS/University of Kent - China’s Belt and Road Initiative and Counter-Hegemony

  • Connor Judge, SOAS, University of London - Global Security Implications of China’s “Great Statist” Mentality


1030-1045: Tea/coffee and STIC book stand (Kirstin Howgate - Howgate Military Publishing)


1045-1215: Keynote Speaker: Professor Patrick Porter, University of Birmingham –Ungreat Game: Surviving Great Power Politics

(Chair: Ian Thomas, Dean of Studies RMAS)


1215-1315: Lunch


1315-1430: Panel 2 - US Perspectives on Near-peer Competition with Russia and China (Chair: Lt Col Jane Hunter, S01 Leadership RMAS)


  • Barnett S Koven, National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (START), University of Maryland) - Understanding and Effectively Responding to Ambiguity: The Future of (Near) Peer Competition

  • Devin Ellis, Director, ICONS Project, University of Maryland - China's Systematic Erosion of International Norms: Consequences for the Future Global Security Order

  • Katy Lindquist, START, University of Maryland – Anti-SQ Strategies of Power Projection in an Era of Near-peer Competition


1430-1445: Tea/coffee


1445-1600: Panel 3 - Great Power Politics in Play: Towards Competition or Conflict? (Chair: Edward Flint, Head of Department, DIA RMAS)


  • Arantza Gomez Arana, Birmingham City University - The European Union as a Great Power or a Limited Power? A historical overview of EU Foreign Policy Capabilities.

  • Philip Gater-Smith, University of Tübingen, Cold War Two and its Middle Eastern Fault Lines: Imagining Forms, Areas and Levels of Sino-American Rivalry

  • Lisa Watanabe, Center for Security Studies, Zurich - Russia, the US and China in the Middle East


1600-1615: Tea/coffee


1615-1730: Roundtable - Perspectives on Warfare in an Age of Great Power Competition (Chair: Martin A. Smith, DIA RMAS)


  • Leo Blanken, Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey California

  • Megan Karlshoej-Pedersen, Oxford Research Group

  • Col Carl Ratcliffe, Joint Warfare, UK Strategic Command

  • Col Jyri Raitasalo, Military Adviser to the Finnish Defence Minister

  • Maj Partick Rarden, Joint Warfare, UK Strategic Command

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