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     Sandhurst Trends in International      Conflict Series Symposium Programme

  Practicing/Employing/Working/Doing/Making Security

the Women, Peace and Security Agenda in Military Operations

                           Thursday 3rd and Friday 4th March 2022                                                         Royal Military Academy Sandhurst




0900-0930: Arrival, registration and tea/coffee

Book Exhibition by Howgate Publishing


0930-0945: Welcome & introduction 


0945-1115: Panel 1 - Applying the Women, Peace and Security Agenda


  • An Jacobs and Katerina Krulisova (Nottingham Trent University) - Gender Mainstreaming in Peacebuilding

  • Rachel Grimes and Ian Birdwell (NATO) - Individually and in Concert: NATO, Article 5, and Human Security

  • Steve Maguire (Land Warfare Centre) - Women, Peace, Security, and Peacebuilding

1115-1130 Break and book exhibition

1130-1245: Keynote - Sanam Naraghi Anderlini MBE, Director of the Centre for Women, Peace and Security at the LSE and Founder and CEO of the International Civil Society Action Network - ICAN


1245-1345: Lunch


1345-1515: Panel 2 - The Women,Peace and Security Agenda in Contemporary Operations


  • Jody M. Prescott and Robin Lovell (University of Vermont Manhattan College) - Making Sense of Armed Conflict, Gender and Climate Change in Operations

  • Spencer B. Meredith III (National Defence University) - Female Civil Affairs Personnel: Keys to Security the Victory in Post-Conflict Stabilization

  • Whitney Grespin and Cameo Spiegel-Saegert (U.S. Air Force Academy) - The Djiboutian National Action Plan and Related Women, Peace and Security Programming


1515-1530: Break and book exhibition


1530-1700: Panel 3 - Integrating WPS in Military Practice


  • David Kemmis-Betty (Land Operations Command) - WPS in Context: JSP 985 and Human Security

  • Abigail Watson and Delina Goxho (Saferworld) - Protecting Civilians While Enmeshing the Civil-Military Complex: Mission Impossible?

  • Hannah West (Newcastle University) - Women as Weapon Systems: Human Security Advisers in the Democratic Republic of Congo


1700-1710: Closing Address


1710-1800: Networking Reception hosted by Howgate Publishing


1400-1430: Welcome and Opening Address

1430-1615: Virtual Panel

  • Alex Henshaw (Troy University, USA) - Bringing Women, Peace and Security Online: Understanding Applications in the Cyber Domain

  • Cristina Fontanelli (University of Genoa) - Fostering the Practice of All-Female Military Units?  Re-conceptualising Military Organizational Change in Armed Interventions

  • Changwook Ju (Yale University) - Why Do Military Officers Condone Sexual Violence?  A General Theory of Commander Tolerance

  • Kelly A. Atkinson (USAFA Women's Initiatives Team) - Hearts, Minds, Women, and Peace: Militarized Human Security and its Discontents

  • Wendy Wagnar (University of California, San Diego) - UN Peacekeeping Deployment and the Displacement of Violence

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