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Photo of author Jim Storr

Very few publishers concentrate on works of continuing military development.  Howgate Publishing fulfils a very important role.  


I have now published a book through Howgate Publishing and am now working on a second.  I found Kirstin Howgate to be thoroughly professional and a real pleasure to work with.  I would strongly recommend anyone thinking of writing a book related to military education to approach Howgate Publishing first. 

Jim Storr, PhD
Former Infantry Officer British Army

I have devoted 20 years to military service in the Special Operations Community.  In that time, I have encountered few individuals who exude the same values that military members hold dear.  In working with Kirstin Howgate, I found her level of professionalism to set the bar for future endeavors.  She is clear and concise, while being caring and courteous to the words that are composed.  Kirstin ensured the chapter I contributed was a stimulating and productive experience.  You do not have to wear a uniform to serve and Howgate Publishing serves those authors from the front lines with their publishing.

Photo of author Dan Luna
Dan Luna,
Navy Seal (Retired)

Photo of author Col. Steven M. Kleinman USAF (retired)

While the challenge of writing is always an edifying experience for me, the key to the overall quality of that endeavor heavily depends upon the author’s engagement with the editors and publishers. In that respect, I can describe my working relationship with Kirstin Howgate as striking the ideal balance of professional and personal. From the beginning, she was clear about the vision, format, and timeline for the project. Furthermore, she was incredibly responsive to my inquiries and provided both timely and courteous reminders that helped keep me on schedule. When I received a copy of the book after publication, I was impressed—but not at all surprised—by the quality of the binding, cover, and print. In sum, my experience with Ms. Howgate and with Howgate Publishing has become the gold standard by which I will set my expectations for a publisher going forward.

Steven M. Kleinman,
Colonel, U.S. Air Force (Retired)


In the business of modern life, with a multitude of competing demands, the patience and gracious manner in which Kirstin Howgate engaged with me personally as I worked on my contributions to the book Military Virtues made the publishing experience both enjoyable and ultimately a successful experience for me.

Photo of author Philip McCormack
Photo of author Colonel (Retired) Richard Iron
Reverend Professor Philip McCormack MBE, Principal of Spurgeon's College, London

I think the concept of a dedicated military publishing house has much merit.  There are many military and ex-military authors with unique experiences who find it difficult to penetrate the conventional publishing market.  Such a company will nurture those with important stories to tell.

Richard Iron CMG OBE
Colonel, British Army (Retired)

There are very few publishers that exclusively emphasize military studies.  Hence Howgate Publishing’s exclusive concentration on military-orientated topics will fill an underrepresented area. 

Photo of author Professor Howard M. Hensel
Professor Howard M. Hensel
Politico-Military Affairs, Air War College, USA
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